Experienced Employment Defense Representation

Managing Business Risks For San Diego Area Employers

Whether you are a seasoned small-business owner or new to the industry, risk management and employment compliance should be at the top of your to-do list. In a litigious society, it is simply a matter of time before you are confronted with a lawsuit — especially if you do not have preventative measures in place.

For more than 40 years, attorney Marc Mandelblatt has provided legal counseling and defense, compliance review and training to small-business owners across Southern California in industries as diverse as restaurants, medical, dental and orthodontic offices. He believes in providing practical, cost-effective services and is available to discuss your questions and concerns during a free initial telephone consultation at 866-346-4297.

Comprehensive Employment Law Solutions For Small Businesses

At the Law Offices of Marc Mandelblatt, we assist small-business owners with issues related to employment disputes and compliance. From reviewing business, personnel and payroll records to developing employment agreements and contracts to implementing plans to ensure employee rights, we work to protect the interests of San Diego small businesses in the following matters:

  • Managing leaves of absence: Federal and state laws mandate compliance with legislation governing leaves of absence. Learn how to prevent lawsuits and how to accomplish business goals by effectively managing leaves of absence in employment situations, including disability, workers’ compensation and maternity leave.
  • Preventing and responding to complaints: Employers can avert significant legal repercussions and expense by discovering how to effectively prevent and respond to employee complaints, from discrimination to unpaid overtime. Attorney Marc Mandelblatt will assist you in reviewing policies and situational responses as well as defend your small business at trial.
  • Conducting independent investigations: When an employee makes a complaint pertaining to harassment, discrimination or any other area governed by employment, a business must take action to investigate the claims for merit. Mr. Mandelblatt has many years of experience conducting such investigations and bringing them to a successful conclusion.
  • Defending employers in lawsuits: The best defense in an employment dispute is to prevent it in the first place. With even the best risk management strategies in place, however, there are employees who will seek out opportunities to pursue compensation through claims of illegal employer conduct. At the Law Offices of Marc Mandelblatt, we provide practical, cost-effective defense representation for small business owners in negotiations, mediation and court.

As an employment defense attorney and founder of Employment Training Associates LLC, Marc Mandelblatt has provided compliance training as well for more than 40 years. Learn how to prevent sexual harassment, one of the most common sources of employment litigation in the workplace, and how to comply with state and federal legislation.

How To Get Individualized Answers

Speak with lawyer Marc Mandelblatt about your unique small-business employment law needs. Please send a message online or call 866-346-4297 to schedule an initial consultation.