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An Employer-Focused Law Firm Ready To Meet Your Needs As A Small-Business Owner

As a small-business owner, you may face many legal challenges that sometimes threaten your ability to give your enterprise the ongoing attention it deserves. As an employer, you need to avoid litigation in all ways that you can. You may also struggle to comply with local, state and federal law, and regulations governing employers and employees.

Large corporations have their own in-house attorneys, but employers at smaller businesses often realize that they, too, need cost-effective access to customized legal advice. Such employers in the San Diego metro area and beyond often turn to the Law Offices of Marc Mandelblatt for cost-effective solutions. We hope to learn of your interest.

Get To Know Attorney Mandelblatt

Attorney Marc Mandelblatt, with more than 40 years of experience advising Southern California employers, provides the focused, cost-effective advice and representation that many employers are looking for. Learn about his background and qualifications by following the link below:

Marc Mandelblatt

Learn about the law practice by looking over this website or get in touch with us to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.

Why Choose This Firm And This Attorney?

Many employment law and business law firms stretch themselves thin, handling many legal practice areas. Representation of employers may be just part of what they do, but at the Law Offices of Marc Mandelblatt, advising business owners is all that we do. With four decades of experience, attorney Mandelblatt is ready to get down to business right away after learning about your concerns, such as:

  • Preventing complaints by employees and responding to them when they arise
  • Handling sensitive matters such as leaves of absence, unpaid overtime complaints and noncompete agreements
  • Investigating problematic situations in the workplace, including training that employees have received
  • Developing and updating employee handbooks and other training and policy materials

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