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The Importance Of Employment Handbooks And Policies

As an employer, it is in your best interests to educate your employees on what you expect from them. Developing comprehensive, effective employee handbooks and policies is one essential component of a successful business strategy. Having clearly worded guidelines in place minimizes the possibility of misunderstandings and disputes.

Our Southern California firm is a source of help for small businesses in need of strong employment law documents. These include:

  • Employee handbooks and manuals that are tailored to meet employer needs
  • Employment policies, procedures and standards of conduct that offer a road map when issues arise
  • Noncompete agreements
  • Nondisclosure agreements

At the Law Offices of Marc Mandelblatt, we do not take a formulaic or template approach when developing these critical documents. Instead, we will develop customized manuals and agreements that reflect your unique business needs and goals.

A Proactive Approach To Defending Your Business

With more than 40 years of experience in employer defense, Marc Mandelblatt is an excellent resource when it comes to drafting and reviewing policies, contracts and agreements. The knowledge he has gained as a trial lawyer makes him very familiar with how to word such documents in a way that will hold up in court. His goal is always to help clients avoid the cost and stress of litigation.

In addition to his trial experience, Mr. Mandelblatt is the founder of Employment Training Associates LLC, which provides training to human resource personnel in and around San Diego. You can rest assured that he has the skill to craft your company’s documents in a way that fully defends your business interests.

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