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Your employee handbook is an essential communication tool

On Behalf of | Aug 3, 2022 | Employment Law |

An employee handbook is one of the best ways for you to reach out and connect with staff.

Make this important communication tool an easy-to-read, go-to source of information for all employees.

Engaging content

In writing the handbook, use simple but engaging language. Refrain from coming across as authoritarian. Explain the company’s goals and how you expect employees to help achieve those objectives; then let them know what they can expect from the company. Your employees should feel that management is always approachable.

Design plan

Use graphics and photos in the design of the handbook to keep it from looking humdrum. Remember that this is a communication tool. Skip the formality. You can be clear and direct without sacrificing a friendly tone.

Main points

Your employees should use the handbook as a guide. Main points should include work hours, compensation, company benefits such as healthcare and retirement plans, vacation and leave allowance. Write about the company culture and mention employee appreciation and recognition.

Legal content

One section of the handbook should address legal matters. These would include workers’ compensation information, non-discrimination and anti-harassment laws, and employee termination and severance policies.

Periodic review

As your company grows, certain policies may change, and you may also add new ones. Remain flexible. Your attorney should review the original handbook to ensure there are no legal missteps and look over any revisions you make to the entire content. Your attorney will also know of any changes to laws that might affect your company and the information you wish to communicate to staff by way of the employee handbook.