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How does mediation work in business?

On Behalf of | May 25, 2022 | Employment Law |

Business partners will not always agree on everything. Sometimes, it is possible for a dispute to begin spiraling wildly out of hand. In such cases, it is not uncommon for partners to turn toward a little outside help.

A mediator might be exactly what quarreling business partners need in order to smooth out their differences and get their business back on track.

What a mediator can do

Harvard Law School takes a look at mediation in the business world. Generally speaking, it works similarly to mediation in divorce, or in any other professional format. Basically, a mediator will provide a team with a unique perspective from a neutral third party point of view, which no one else will have access to due to their direct involvement in the situation.

They can not only offer advice, support, counsel and opinions, but they can also help de-escalate arguments that start up. On top of that, they can guide conversations in a way that ensures every party gets a fair chance to speak their piece. This can help facilitate proper discussion and lead everyone toward a conclusion that all parties find mutually agreeable.

What a mediator cannot do

However, note that mediators do not hold legal power. This means they cannot make any decisions on behalf of either party, nor do they have the ability to enforce their decisions on business partners. This is why it is important for business partners to go for this option only in the event that they already feel like they can work through their problems more or less on their own, and just want a little outside help to ease the way.