Preventing and Responding to Complaints

Many business owners aren't quite sure of what to do when a complaint is filed against them. A swift and decisive resolution to limit can the potential damage, prevent future complaints, and minimize interruption or daily operations.

At the Law Offices of Marc Mandelblatt, we have more than 30 years or experience advising employers on how best to respond to employee complaints ranging from wage and hour violations to wrongful termination.

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How Do I Know What Response a Complaint Requires?

The way you respond to a complaint about discrimination, retaliation, wrongful termination or any other personnel issue can have enormous repercussions. An informed, decisive, fair response may prevent an employee grievance from becoming a lawsuit. If that is not possible, the proper response can limit potential damages. Your response could even be the basis for a defense should the claim come to trial.

Employment complaints can come to your attention in one of several ways:

  • Letter from the DFEH or EEOC — Complaints alleging discrimination, retaliation, harassment or wrongful termination may result in a workplace investigation. An official response is required.
  • Attorney letter — If the employee has sought counsel, notice may come directly from a lawyer. It also requires an official response.
  • Internal complaint — Any complaint submitted by an employee requires an official response.
  • Notice through a supervisor — If you hear about an employee complaint from a supervisor, you are considered on notice. You should contact a lawyer for advice immediately.

What Employee Issues Do I Need to Worry About?

The most common employee complaints include:

  • wrongful termination
  • sexual harassment or discrimination
  • wage/hour violations

Employer defense in the courtroom is expensive. The proper initial response to complaints, along with proper HR policies and disciplinary procedures can minimize your risk.

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